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Sunday, July 5, 2009

What i do all Day

This is what i do to make myself look brave. I act like I'm brave enough to go outside and no one will let me out. That trick usally works, but then one of the humans will open the door. The truth is, I'm afraid to go outside.

That is my accomplishment, but sadly, the humans always destroy it by making the rug lay flat.

--Mowzer (Mow Mow)


Anonymous said...

Your still brave don't worry I don't go outside either.

Tiki and Mowzer said...


Parker said...

Hi guys - it's nice to meet you - don't worry, we don't go outside either!

*Wildstar* said...

Mowzer, we know you don't go outside, the trick doesn't work. we open the door to let tiki in or out or to go through the door.
~clever trick, though ;)
Your (human) sis