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Friday, July 9, 2010

not posting

my humans are going on their annual camping trip and will not be back till saturday. THEY ARE BRINGING MAX!!!!!!! anyways... see you later
oh ya... and my human sis will go to girl scout camp the next week. human brother and daddy are going to boy scout camp that week... mommy doesn't blog... human sis will show her how, so hopefully she will do guarantees.
the next week........
get the point? little or no blogging till august. :(
(they will be here for my b-day tomorrow though!) :)


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Why don't woo try your paws at it?


Karen Jo said...

I will wish your Happy Birthday now, just in case.

Kea said...

We're here to wish you a happy birthday! We hope you have a wonderful celebration!

Eric and Flynn said...

Happy birthday Mowzer.

Harry Spotter said...

Sounds like fun. I heard it was your birthday. Hope you have a great day filled with fresh nip.

EFT Therapy said...

Wishing you a happy birthday!

ML said...

A furry Happy Purrthday.
Love & Purrs,